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To inspire and empower the pursuit of purposeful lives and careers; anytime, anywhere.



Conscious human beings and fulfilled professionals worldwide.




    Do what is right, regardless of the circumstances.


    Helping our clients reach their goals and growth is our business; therefore, we aim to be available and capable of offering the solutions you need.


    We are committed to your highest standards of professionalism and worthiness.

  • LOVE

    There is no success without passion for what you do. It is a must for us to practice compassion, tolerance, acceptance, kindness, and forgiveness.


    We are capable of adjusting to change and overcoming adversity by finding solutions and opportunities during the storm.

Meraki’s transformational coaching model

We have designed our life & career coaching model for high-performance professionals with international credentials that have migrated to Canada, or are planning to, extraordinary global citizens, and daring women. It is also ideal for people who consider no borders and those who know that success lies beyond their comfort zone and defy the status quo with their mere existence. In other words, people like you!

Meraki’s transformational coaching model is about results as an outcome of acknowledging your self-worth, aligning your vision with your purpose, your connection with your environment, the enhancement of your existing capabilities, and the potential development of new ones. All these factors will lead you to fulfillment by doing meaningful things for yourself and others.

It works from the inside out, equipping you with powerful tools to be used in any occasion that life throws your way.

Meraki’s transformational coaching model

Ana-Maria’s approach to Coaching

Ana-Maria’s approach to Coaching


I embraced entrepreneurship in coaching to pursue my desire to serve others to the best of my heart, skillset, and experience; hence, it is with great gratitude that I give the community an essential part of my daily existence. Countless caring and generous human beings have been available for me in multiple ways and places, allowing me to grow better and stronger from those moments when I felt vulnerable or lost. Consequently, I have created my coaching philosophy with a heart of love and service, where compassion, excellence, and accountability merge as ingredients for success and fulfillment.

I agree that we can all learn from our own experiences but believe me when I tell you that you will save time, energy, and thousands of dollars if you open your mind and trust me as your coach.

The most successful people in the world have at least one coach; why? Because they know that to become a better version of themselves, they need a seasoned, assertive and unbiased mentor. The expert who will hold them accountable during their journey and keep them focused on what matters; when adversity comes, they have developed the skills to lean into the evolution and successfully emerge.


SERVING My community with love, creativity, and passion.

DELIVERING excellence in every interaction.

BEING Diligent and grateful 24/7.

DARING The status-quo.

BELIEVING In virtuous hearts and brighter times.

FOSTERING Purposeful decisions, actions, and interactions.

...Something else about my philosophy of life, own vision and principles

...Something else about my philosophy of life, own vision and principles

If I were allowed to choose a spirit celebrity, it would be Mother Teresa of Calcutta. To me, she embodies all the characteristics of a great leader:

  • Immeasurable love for humanity
  • Vision
  • Courage
  • Determination
  • Unbreakable faith
  • Passion for serving other

When I accepted change as the only constant in my life, a baffling re-wiring process began in my head. Not just that I needed to reinvent myself to feel complete again, but that I needed to redefine love, success, and wealth. I could not foresee the complex journey I had embarked on; therefore, I did not realize how to make it more enjoyable and less traumatic.

One day, reading Mother Teresa’s biography, the answer to all my questions came to my eyes: only by serving others to the best of my capabilities would I be able to find myself on that path towards the utmost purpose of what I seek. I also understood that all the directions were ready to present themselves as signs on the road; I just needed to make peace with myself to embrace who I am and use my virtues and skills best. I live service through every decision, action, interaction, and dream.

The next level of this life of service is to have professionals, brave women, entrepreneurs, and leaders worldwide practicing servant leadership. Which is nothing more than becoming a servant of your organization (team, company, community), so you graduate as a master leader by helping others flourish and achieve their goals. That power, formerly given only by hierarchy, results, or popularity, is replaced by a strongly committed and inspired community that strives to conquer challenging goals, grow together, and trust its leader.

Another crucial lesson I have harvested along this international journey is not to travel without a compass, as it gets easy to lose any sense of direction. My moral compass has been thoroughly tested for several decades now, and I am proud of the wise use I made of it most of the time. Still, mainly, I am grateful for those mistakes that left me with indelible lessons and for those forgiving souls that dealt with the inadequacy of my immaturity. Nevertheless, both successes and errors have tailored my behavioural framework with the following values:

  • Integrity
  • Loyalty
  • Humility
  • Love
  • Passion

On these four elements lies the essence of my actions and decisions. If they match yours, we should be an unstoppable team!