Ana-Maria's approach to Coaching

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Meraki Coaching - Canada

“Serve with unconditional love, inspire and empower. Contemplate and be grateful. Repeat.” – Ana-Maria Ortega

I embraced entrepreneurship in coaching to pursue my desire to serve others to the best capacity of my heart, skillset, and experience; hence, it is with great gratitude that I give to the community an essential part of my daily existence. Countless caring and generous human beings have been available for me in multiple ways and places, allowing me to grow better and stronger from those moments when I felt vulnerable or even lost. Consequently, with a heart of love and service, I have created my coaching philosophy, where compassion, excellence, and accountability merge as ingredients for success and fulfilment.

I agree with the fact that we can all learn from our own experiences but believe me when I tell you that you will save time, energy, and thousands of dollars if you open your mind and trust me as your coach.

The most successful people in the world have at least one coach, why? Because they know that to become a better version of themselves, they need a seasoned, strong and unbiased mentor that will hold them accountable during their journey and will keep them focused on what really matters; so, when adversity comes, they have developed the skills to lean into evolution and successfully emerge.