I welcome change in my career and lifestyle - Affirmations to embrace change and succeed -

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We have created the following powerful affirmations to enhance your ability to switch your mindset from a static, rigid and defensive operation mode to an adaptable, receiving and prosperous functioning that will set you up to embrace the multiple opportunities that knock on your door daily, even on those rainy days.

Practice them daily, especially during your meditation. Visualize yourself increasing your flexibility, tolerance, self-love, and happiness. Watch yourself thriving on what you like the most. Observe yourself trying different things: foods, driving routes, sports, colours, apparel, etc. And most importantly, make these little changes happen frequently and pay attention to the emotions it generates in you. You will be re-wiring your brain while having fun and impacting your life for good.

Consider the following pivotal points to make the best out of this practice:

  • Consistency makes strong habits. Set the right time to do it daily. Best times: right after waking up in the morning, or right before going to bed.
  • Ignore your inner critique voice. It will demand you to stop and will convince that it is not working. Stand for your growth and do it anyways. It will pay off!
  • Cancel all types of distractions for the time you are doing your affirmations, if you prefer the meditation approach.
  • If possible, record them with your own voice, so you can play this audio while working out, driving, or walking. Even though you are doing another activity, your neurons will welcome some positive and refreshing programming.
  • Trust the process and enjoy.

Affirmations: -

  • Change is a good thing and I let go of any tendency to resist it.
  • Change is a catalyst that can bring me many benefits in all areas of my life.
  • Changes in my career bring evolution and growth.
  • Change is the only thing that will advance me in my profession.
  • Attitude changes help me achieve my goals.
  • The more positive my mindset, the more good things that seem to happen!
  • Strengthening my confidence and self-esteem propels me forward while helping me to overcome challenges with ease.
  • By having a strong discipline, I find it easier to make wise choices to develop a new way of life.
  • I give myself permission to break bad habits and replace them with good ones.
  • My lifestyle also improves as I change and grow.
  • Changes help me become more fulfilled.
  • Each change brings new knowledge and experiences, which paves the way for some exciting new opportunities!
  • Even changes that seem frightening at first bring great joy.
  • I face my fear to change and enjoy my achievements.
  • Today, I choose to invite change into my life and take advantage of all the benefits it can bring.
  • Today I embrace change.