Self-care: the key to success in your personal and professional life

Author: Meraki Coaching - Canada |

Being an adult these days is complicated, stressful, and sometimes overwhelming. We are often burdened with too many responsibilities at work, at home, and in our relationships that drain our energy.

Therefore, unless you devote time to your self-care and physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, you will find yourself caught in a vicious cycle that will not only be a drag on your life but one that will be difficult to get out of.

When we hear about self-care, usually we think about massages, spas, hot tubs, etc. But the truth is that self-care is much more than that.

For each person, self-care and self-love have different meanings. For some, self-care is having a daily facial hygiene routine, reading every day, meditating in the morning, or playing sports at least three times a week.

For others, it’s simple actions like not checking their email before bed if it keeps them awake, or not using social media for more than 30 minutes a day.

For us, self-care is listening to my body and responding to what it is asking me to do, whenever possible. For example, if I feel mentally exhausted, I spend more time resting, unwinding, and getting a good night’s sleep. If I feel burned out after a long period of intense work, I try to take a few days off to recharge my energy. And, if I feel that I am getting positive results in some aspect of my life, I decide to reward myself with a relaxing massage.

These are just a few ideas you can use to improve your self-care and self-love, but there are many ways to take care of yourself and love yourself to thrive and feel satisfied, loved, and full of vitality.

First, you have to look within yourself to find out what activities, places, people, relationships, or emotions cause some kind of negative or stressful feeling.

In addition, it is good to uncover those self-defeating micro-habits that can slow down our process of personal growth and development. By identifying them, we have the power to eliminate them and change them for healthier ones.

Once we have everything identified, the next thing to do is to start implementing daily and/or occasional actions that allow us to give ourselves a break, do what we like, prioritize ourselves, increase our productivity, and enjoy our life to the fullest at every stage.

Taking care of yourself is a personal process, and there is not a key formula. What works for one person may not work for another, as each of us is motivated and inspired by different things. Look for what makes you feel alive, take time for yourself, know yourself better, and find your passions. Commit to yourself and keep your promises. Treat yourself as well or better than the people you love and surround you.

If you are ready to take your relationship with yourself to the next level and are looking for a coach to help you, guide you, support you, and give you the tools to elevate your self-care and enjoy all the benefits in your personal and professional life, we have certified coaches for you.

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 Marina Conejero

Certified Flourishing Life Coach