Busted! Don’t Believe These Career Coaching Myths!

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Big bonuses, company cars, and managerial positions are the rewards of pursuing a lucrative career. To achieve this objective in an enjoyable and constructive way, it’s instrumental to seek assistance from a career coach that empowers you to set and achieve realistic but yet challenging goals.

However, many misconceptions mislead people into believing that hiring the professional services of a career coach is not a good idea. So, to help you steer clear of these misconceptions, Meraki Coaching- Canada has debunked some of the most widely believed myths about career coaching.

Myth 1: Successful professionals don’t need a career coach. 

Worldwide leaders from all industries prove the contrary. Senior executives have a responsibility to become a better version of themselves each day to increase their awareness of sustainable practices and to impact their teams, organizations and communities positively. Therefore, hiring a coach is common for professionals who like working smarter rather than harder, especially when setting challenging goals like a promotion, a career shift, or earning a higher degree.

If you’re an internationally trained professional, you may have decided to reach for greater heights. Even though you are determined to succeed and have a strong personality, it might not be enough. An unbiased opinion, access to more strategic connections, knowledge of the local work market, and practical turn-key tools will accelerate your triumphant entrance into a new workforce. 

Myth 2: A career coach offers counseling/ therapy and is equivalent to a psychologist.

A counselor or therapist is a licensed professional that will focus their efforts on solving mental health issues or emotional trauma, mainly looking for the root of the situation in the past based on the regulations of their profession. On the other hand, a coach will work around goals and stick to specific topics, where progress and results get observed in the long run. There are many advantages to working with a coach, we have listed some below:

A coach:

  • Will offer you tools and guidance to perform at a higher level based on a holistic consideration of your present, future, and current goals. 
  • Can look after your personal and professional growth from an objective and multidimensional perspective, ensuring your integrity as an individual gets nurtured. 
  • Will provide a robust system for accountability, follow-up, and work between sessions. 

Therefore, having a coach is a matter of commitment, discipline, and transparency, mostly with yourself. Think of it as an investment in your own development.

Myth 3: Only highly paid professionals can afford a career coach. 

Having a coach was a privilege of high-level positions offered only by some corporations a couple of decades ago. However, today a broad array of Certified Executive, Career, Life, and Leadership coaches may meet your expectations and budget. If you want to hire a coach, it’s fundamental for you to do your homework and research the type of coach you are looking for, along with their experience and coaching style. Look for references and study their web pages and profiles. 

You should select a certified coach member of a coaching organization. It will give you some warranty on evidence-based coaching methodology and their code of ethics. Remember that this person will guide you through relevant decision-making processes, so you should want these decisions to align with your moral-compass and beliefs.

Finally, once you find the right one for you, open your heart and mind to reach new levels of productivity, fulfillment, and impact. 

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